3rd Annual Beautification Day

Our 3rd annual Cheerful Helpers Beautification Day was the most ambitious yet and we would like to thank the families who helped make the day a success.  Read below for one family's thoughts on the day.

Beautification Day was a really nice experience for Luca, 6, and I this year and I'm looking forward to doing it every year.  First, it is so nice to be able to show through actions a way to care for your school.  It is one thing to tell our kids that we respect the property of the school; that it is a special place, etc; but it is something altogether more powerful to get your hands dirty and sweat a bit.  It felt like we were taking ownership of this special school in the way Luca and I sometimes do yard work together.  It is our home, our school, and we care about taking care of it.


IMG_9778-1.JPGSecondly, it came at a good time: Luca has been really missing his classmates from last year and, coupled with the changes of a new year and new students, it has been a very anxious time.  So I was really glad he and I got to see some old friends.   It really helped to have something to do.  Unlike a playdate or birthday party, for example, which can be very stressful and difficult because the focus is so strongly on interaction, the purpose of Beautification day was the work we were doing.  The interaction between kids was de-emphasized, which helped take a little pressure off.  For me personally, it is one of the reasons I enjoy working outside in my own yard: the physical activity and mental focus takes the stresses of the real world away for a while.  I think that was true for Luca.  The focus on moving dirt around or cutting branches took the pressure off the big feelings that came from seeing old friends.  By the end, he was enjoying his time and didn't want to go home.

I'm looking forward to coming back next year and staying connected to a place we cherish.  It feels good to care for the school.  Luca has already said he wants us to come back next year and do it again.

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