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Cheerful Helpers Therapeutic School


Brief Evaluation & Intervention Group

This preschool-kindergarten program is for children, ages 3-7, with high-functioning autism, aspergers, attachment disorders, developmental delays, and processing, learning and emotional difficulties. The developmental, relationship-based treatment approach is accomplished through a combination of educational, sensory-motor, communication, psycho-dynamic and family systems interventions.

Children attend school five days per week, in small language-rich classes, with a 1:2 staff to student ratio and a dedicated multi-disciplinary team of special education teachers and therapists. All parents participate in family therapy, as well as a weekly parent group that includes classroom observation. School-based occupational and speech therapy are also provided as needed. SARC available by contacting info@cheerfulhelpers.org.


The B.E.I.G. program is designed for parents and their children ages 2-5, who are having difficulties such as impulsivity, limited attention span, separation anxiety, relationship difficulties and/or delays in communication, socialization and play.

The children are seen with their parents in small playgroups twice a week, and once a week in individual family sessions during this short-term intensive early intervention program. The focus is on expanding social-emotional language and increasing interactive play and parenting skills. A defining feature of this program is the ongoing observation and dialogue between clinicians and parents throughout the process of assessment, intervention and referral.

Cheerful Helpers Therapeutic School is both a private and a certified Non-Public School (NPS).


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Family Counseling Services


The Socialization Group

Therapeutic counseling services provide support for families struggling with the emotional and behavioral difficulties of a child with significant developmental, social, or emotional challenges. Documentation for medical insurance claim submission can be provided.

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This program focuses on 3-7 year-old children and their relationships with peers and family. The children meet twice a week in a small playgroup; and the parents meet once a week for a psycho-educational support group that includes observation and discussion. Children typically attend this socialization group while remaining enrolled in a school program. The major goals are to help children manage difficult emotions, communicate effectively, relate in a pleasurable way and learn to play with other children. The child’s increasing abilities to regulate emotions and interact positively with others become the tools for continuing in the less structured environment of the neighborhood school.

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