Game Night 2017





Our 3rd annual Cheerful Helpers Game Night was so much fun!

Read our blog from alumni student Josh Markell to understand why these events are so important. 

It was a cool afternoon and the children of Cheerful Helpers at Immanuel Church were out and about playing games and riding their tricycles. Either the sounds of laughter or screams of play echoed across the playground. Parents, teachers, and alumni formed their respective circles and mingled while the children played. For me as an alumni from the 1990s, it was a fun day to spend time with the children currently in school there and catching up with other alumni. Playing games or riding along side the children on their tiny tricycles were just the many different activities I did while I was there. Meeting the parents of these current students at Cheerful Helpers and talking to them was also a treat. Memories about the games, songs, and environment were flowing through my mind throughout the entire event. Though Cheerful Helpers was at Cedars-Sinai when I was there, the people and relative experience remains the same. I consider that to be lucky. What Cheerful Helpers is doing with its current students is great and that these children will one day look back at these times and remember the people involved. Not only will the students remember this, but the parents as well. Whether hosting events for its students, parents, or alumni they certainly do have a strong bond and it touches everyone who was or still is a part of the Cheerful Helpers community. I certainly do remember this bond and I will hold onto these memories and bonds I made here at Cheerful Helpers for as long as I can. It doesn’t matter the place, what matters is the people that were there and how they personally affected me as person. My old teachers at Cheerful Helpers helped me become the person I am today and started me on my journey into grade school. Now over 20 years later, I have returned to give thanks to those who were there when I was and to look at the future generations of children and see how far they will go in life.

- Joshua M. Markell Alumni 1990s     

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