Intern Testimonials


Dorrie Lamarr - My experience as a trainee and intern at Cheerful Helpers has been invaluable.      The staff's inclusiveness and collaboration adds depth to a lifelong learning experience for anyone in the mental health field. As an MFT intern, the Cheerful Helpers Team offers continual support while generously fostering the opportunity for me to find my own voice as a therapist.

Diana Georger - My internship at Cheerful Helpers has set a standard for commitment to the client and family that will be the basis for my career. It is a unique internship in that it has offered me an opportunity to learn collaboratively every day with staff and fellow interns in a therapeutic classroom, publicly. I did not learn behind a closed door. For the past three years, instead, I had the unique (and sometimes uncomfortable) opportunity to be witnessed and supported everyday in the presence of more experienced and less experienced mental health professionals. We all worked together with the children. The experience reinforced for me the importance of a multidisciplinary team as well as the valuable impact of several therapists working with, and observing the same child, and further, in Supervision, discussing what was observed each day. The classroom was fluid and the four hour day was rich with interactions between children, between therapists, and between children with therapists. There is a tremendous opportunity for       study here which includes the CH Social Skills model, exceptional play therapy experience, co-       facilitating family sessions, BEIG groups, parent group, Case Conferences, written evaluations for     Regional Center and IEP's.

Megan Lewis - My internship experience at Cheerful Helpers has allowed me to learn and grow in a way which mirrors the process of the families with whom we work.  As someone who is new to the profession, I am grateful for the inclusive, collaborative process in which these programs are facilitated. The therapists, social workers and special Education teachers are inspiring in their ability to care for and grow these children in a way that cultivates independence, self-awareness, resilience and pride.  To sit with a child while he or she struggles with a challenge, to lend them language through narration and bear witness to their experience is profound.  To listen to a child find their voice and express their feelings is profound. To watch a child come through this program, growing and changing, leaving with tools they acquired along the way is magnificent. At Cheerful Helpers they grow and care for their interns in the same way.  I am truly grateful for the education I have received here.


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